Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pasts, Paths and Futures.

I've been neglecting this page. I assure you, all of you, that it is still active. I'm waiting on the guitarist of Skinwalker to upload the rerecord of my first album, when he does, it will be made available to all of you, both on and also on this blog, The Big Brother american failed government has been trying to limit internet use, amongst other thing. Be careful with music out there.

Know that now, everyone who wants to has my full permission to acquire my music off both of the aforementioned blogspot pages. Any other blogspot, I'd rather you didn't post my music, but ultimately, I can't really stop you. I certainly am not in music for the money.

I'm making the music I want to hear. I may never physically release it, though I've been thinking about getting a couple tangible copies of it on cd. My biggest motivation for releasing a physical copy is the inclusion of lyrics and artwork. I like to take photographs of the places I hike to and have ethereal and aesthetic experiences at. I also put a lot of time into my lyrics, which is why they appear on this page in full. Please read them, you cannot get the full message of Wende without them.

The rerecord sounds much better than the demo, though I didn't change much about the music.

I've been working on the second Skinwalker album, Ancestral Genocide, which is done now, and may be posted soon, also on the aforementioned blogspot pages. I've started a heathen/folk rock group, Runelore. This isn't spastic "folk metal" or that fake "viking metal" stuff. This is honest, real folk music using Northern European folk music sensibilities and tonality, albeit with electric guitars. We'll try to get something done this summer.

The third and fourth Wende albums are still in formation, but should be done next year, 2013 by the Gregorian calendar. They will be released in tandem, and after that, Wende will be essentially over. I will have said everything that needed to be said by then, though I may release more stuff in the far future.

To remind, this page is still active, as is Wende. I've been very busy as of late, and don't seem to have enough time for the darker, majestic and thought-provoking escapes as I'd like.

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