Sunday, May 6, 2012

Third Album Whisperings

Well, well, well. All finished with the rerecord of the first album, and it's posted on Of coursec the second album has been around since early last year, and it's everywhere. I've recently been working around some new riffs and ordering the structure to some older ones. With any luck, I should have the third album written by this fall (2012) and set to record over winter/spring (2013). The third Wende album will be a very challenging listen, but rewarding. This is in all likelihood the last "metal" album I will make with the name Wende, so I'm "going for broke". The sound will be entirely new, for me and for the listening public. Everything about it's concept, design, writing and playing is designed to be unlike anything else out there. I've made my extension on the music I like, now it's time to make the music I want. And it's unlike anything I've ever heard.

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