Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wende, et al. Update

Though I haven't been focusing on Wende for a long time, for whatever reason, I've been busy. Skinwalker has a new album done. I wrote and played for it, but also produced and mastered it.
Listen to a track from Magic and Gore

I've also been focusing on Nekrö Kömmand, a throwback band to the old days when metal was feared and obscure. Very rooted in the style of 80s and early 90s blackthrash. More to come on this.

And I've been writing a diy heavy metal magazine with my friend Insomniac of Skinwalker, again as a throwback to tape trading days and cut-and-paste music magazine documentation.
And here

Plus, if you didn't know, I'm a full-time teacher.


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