Sunday, November 8, 2015

Neglect and rebirth

I have been neglecting this blog for a very long time. This space was intended to function as the repository for all things concerning Wende; news, lyrics, artwork, essays, links, and other related topics. Sadly, for expediency it is much easier to place these things on social media, which in turn means they quickly evaporate from public view. There is simply no way to archive communications of this sort. Perhaps blogspot too will prove equally ill-equipped as an archive. I find myself less trusting of online repositories by the day.

First some news: Wende is currently signed to prominent and respected label Moribund Records and the first two albums, The Third and the Noble, and Vorspiel einer Philosophie der Zukunft, are available for purchase on cd and mp3. I have also recorded a one-off song for an upcoming split, more details will be divulged soon. I am satisfied with the products Moribund is producing, which include full artwork and lyrics.

I never 'released' my music prior to signing with Moribund. I gave permission for Dead Insomniac of Skinwalker to place my music on the (defunct?) blog 'Brotherhood of Steel' for .rar download, and from there it was disseminated throughout the .rar download community, with some even going so far as to 'review' my 'release'. A chosen few individuals were given my music on hard copy, as nothing more than burned cd-rs. This is the total extent of the initial 'release'. Making the first two albums kept me occupied durning a difficult time in my life, and were made first and foremost for my own amusement. I simply made the music I wanted to hear more of, and was not getting. I never intended either album for widespread release, though I have been pleasantly surprised by the interest and response since. The release through Moribund Records should be considered the first release, not a re-release.

Currently, I am writing for a third album, also for release with Moribund Records. The process has been admittedly slow. I have changed directions and concepts many times, and three months ago, my computer crashed and deleted all my archived riff ideas, lyrics concepts and song structures. It will take more time, but the album writing process has begun.

In addition to everything concerning Wende musically, it is my hope to devote more time developing the philosophical aspect of this project. The moment I decided to 'go public' with my music, it became my intent to elicit change; 'Wende' is translated from German as 'to turn' or 'to change direction'. As they are completed, I will be uploading a number of essays, responses, book and lecture recommendations, conversations and polemics that I feel represent my personal philosophy, and a useful philosophy for others. It is not necessary to read or agree with any of the above mentioned materials to enjoy the music of Wende, and never will I provide a 'definitive' interpretation of the music, lyrics or artwork of Wende. However, I feel it has become incumbent upon me to do my level best to educate on topics and concepts of philosophy, and to advocate for philosophical positions I feel are important, even necessary.

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